Thursday, November 26, 2015

Trotting with the Turkeys

We started Thanksgiving with the Turkey Day 5k. Last year Rick ran this race while Freddy and I cheered. This year, my awesome friend Catherine offered to cheer with Freddy so Rick and I could both run. Thank you Catherine!

Freddy (with Rick's yellow gloves) & Carter high-five the Trotting Turkey
photo courtesy of Catherine

Toenail Trauma

Last night, my marathon-injured toenail finally fell off. I wasn't sure if I should put a band-aid on my toe to help protect it, or to leave it alone since the band-aid might irritate it. I ended up leaving it alone, and it didn't bother me during the race. Whew!

Late to the Party

We were running late this morning; it turns out Freddy left his coat at school and we had to find extra layers to make sure he would be warm enough. Rick was able to get into the corral, but I was not. I went to the back, figuring I would slip in after everyone started moving. The downside is that I didn't get to start the race with Susan, Emily, Natalie, and Rachel. The upside is that Jen was back there, too, and gave me her gloves at the last minute which I greatly appreciated. Thanks Jen!

Rick (far right in red w/ sunglasses) made it into the starting corral
photo courtesy of Potomac River Running

Natalie, Emily, & Rachel
photo courtesy of Potomac River Running

And another picture of Emily because the first one wasn't her best look
photo courtesy of Potomac River Running

Susan went for a fun and crazy outfit today. I like it!
photo courtesy of Potomac River Running

Jen PR'd today - Congratulations!
photo courtesy of Potomac River Running

How was the Race?

The course for this race is a lollipop - the first mile goes out, the second mile makes a loop, and the third mile goes back over the path from the first mile. 

I was really boxed in for the first mile - I started in the very back with the slowest runners and walkers and had to weave a lot to keep moving. About halfway into the first mile the race leaders were already coming back, which meant we had to stay completely to the right and passing wasn't really an option until you got to the loop. Fortunately I found my friend Sharon and her son Michael early in the race so I had someone to chat with.

Sharon & Michael
photo courtesy of Potomac River Running

I picked it up during the second mile as the course started to thin out and even more during the third mile. I really turned the speed on when I got to the track for the last bit of the race. 

  • Mile 1: 13:19
  • Mile 2: 12:26
  • Mile 3: 10:54
  • And the last 0.1 was at a 7:33 pace

I ran 37:23 for a 12:04 pace overall. When I finished I knew I hadn't left it all on the race course; that I could have gone faster overall. I'll push harder in a couple of weeks at the Frosty 5k. The Frosty course doesn't have the narrow trails and bottlenecks this course has, so that should help me run a more consistent race. One of the goals I'm considering for next year is working on my 5k speed.

There is only so much time you can make up in the last 1/10 of a mile...
photo courtesy of Potomac River Running

How awesome is this picture of the Turkey at the finish line?
photo courtesy of Potomac River Running

I don't know this little boy but I love the pure glee on his face!
photo courtesy of Potomac River Running

Happy Thanksgiving!