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I'm Kim, and I've been told that I really do smile almost all the time when I am running!

Mom | Runner |  Coach | Ambassador | Optimalist | Health Enthusiast | Marathoner | Practice Makes Progress | Aspiring Minimalist

Here is my running story:

I have been running off and on since 1988, when running was merely a means to lose the "Freshman 15" that I gained my first year of college. In graduate school, running was a way to deal with stress. When I discovered races in the mid-90s, running became even more fun! It was the first time in my life I began to see myself as athletic.

2013 Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run - my first big race since 1996

I enthusiastically increased my mileage and race distances without knowing that such increases should be gradual. I had two bouts of "Runner's Knee" (aka patellofemoral pain syndrome) from overuse. I bounced back, but my pace was slower after each injury. I eventually stopped running because I didn't want to re-injure myself.

2014 Run With Dad 5k - my family

A couple of years after my son (Freddy) was born in 2009, my husband (Rick) started running again. I wanted to start again, too, but was still worried about hurting myself. In 2013, I enrolled in "Running 101" training with Potomac River Running so I could learn the basics and stop worrying. I learned the basics and so much more!

2015 Marine Corps Marathon - my biggest running accomplishment

In 2014 I tackled the mid-distance race, running two ten mile races and two half marathons. In 2015 I ran (and negative split!) the Marine Corps Marathon. I've learned so much and been lucky enough to transition from Trainee to Coach at Potomac River Running. I delight in inspiring others to achieve more than they imagined possible, especially my fellow "back of the pack" runners. And if there is a sparkle skirt and tiara involved, all the better!

Thank you for visiting my blog and checking in on my running journey!

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