Sunday, December 29, 2013

Embracing the Rest Day

I'm feeling sore after yesterday's training run.  Fortunately I'm not sore in any of my previously injured "hot spots".  My shins feel sore.  There is probably a stretch that I should have done?  It's been so long since my shins have been sore that I can't even remember what to do for prevention.  That's what google is for!

It's pouring down rain today.  I'm thinking maybe I will do a little yoga later this afternoon for cross-training.  I wanted to go to family yoga at Beloved Great Falls with Freddy, but it is canceled this week.

Tomorrow morning I will go to Pacers Fairfax to pick up my bib for the Fairfax Four-Miler.  It will be my first time in a Pacers store, and my first Pacers race.  I'm so used to Reston and PRR that it actually feels strange to go to another store, and to go outside of Reston/Fairfax Corner.  Rick and Freddy aren't coming to this one since it will be dark and probably cold.  Hopefully I can link up with Gina and her friends at the race, or I might end up a bit lonely!  The course looks kind of blah, out and back on University with a loop around Mason.  Hopefully more scenic than it appears on the map!

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