Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Wrap-Up and Inspiration

I made two resolutions in 2013:
  1. To lose 15 pounds and keep it off
  2. To run consistently
Looking back over the year, I'm pleased with my accomplishments.  I did lose 15 pounds, and I have kept it off.  I did it by making myself accountable, tracking food on myfitnesspal (MFP) and activity with fitbit.  Yesterday I celebrated my 365th consecutive day of MFP logging.  I'm pretty darn proud of that.  And I've been using fitbit for almost two years now.  I do love my data!

I ran 15 races in 2013.  Eight just for me, three with my dad, three with my son, and one with my friends Kathryn, Melissa, and Ann.  I got faster over the course of the year, taking my 13 min/mile pace to 12 min/mile.  My best race, the Susco 8k, was an 11:17 pace!  It is helpful for me to remember that all improvements aren't linear, and injuries happen.  I will work towards that 11 pace, but I will listen to my body and not push it. 

I am training with Potomac River Running and learning so much.  I took Running 101 this past fall.  I am currently in the winter program, which is a hybrid of begin/base/build and distance training.  I'm not fully in either group, and I'm looking forward to the end of January when the Cherry Blossom training program begins and I am solidly in a group again.

If I had a third resolution, perhaps it would have been to inspire my friends to achieve their own health goals.  I received two wonderful messages over the last 48 hours that made me realize how much this matters to me.
  1. From my friend April: Thank you Kim for motivating me!!! Kenny and I have signed up for this race!  I'm scared to death! Haha! I ran (walked most of the way!) my first 5K in October but REALLY want to learn to run. I love your posts about running so please don't stop. They truly do inspire me.
  2. From my friend Kathryn (on my MFP 1-year anniversary): You are such an inspiration to me! Your determination and dedication is...just WOW! Good for you, Kimberly. Good for you!   
Wow, these messages feel great!  I want to inspire others to achieve their health goals. 

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