Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Commitment Day 5k

We got 2014 off to a good start by running the Lifetime Fitness Commitment Day 5k as a family.  I thought it might be too far for Freddy, but Rick was confident that he was up to the challenge.  And Rick was right!  Freddy ran/walked the whole way and we didn't hear one peep about being cold or tired or wanting to stop.  We finished in less than 44 minutes.  Color me impressed.

The picture above is just before the start of the race.  Our friend Sharon ran with us and was just as good a cheerleader for Freddy today as she was for me during the Run With Santa 5k.  She and Freddy spotted a 6 year-old boy wearing a Grinch cap and set finishing ahead of him as their goal.  Freddy noted that "You should never let the Grinch win."  Wisdom for the race, and perhaps wisdom for life in general.  Freddy did finish ahead of the Grinch, but good sportsman high-fives were exchanged after the race.

Afterwards we all felt quite proud and headed for the warmth of home.  Happy New Year  - set some health goals and never let the Grinch win!


  1. Congrats again - especially on your double! And Freddy is right about the Grinch. Good advice!

  2. Thanks Gina. Congrats on your double, too! We are getting off to a great start this new year, aren't we?