Saturday, January 11, 2014

Free Running Clinics & Events

This blog post is about the free running clinics and events that are available and why you should go!  My favorite clinics are through Potomac River Running.   You can learn about form, get help with injuries, and so much more.

Many of the locations have free injury clinics once a month.  In October, I went to the injury clinic at PR Fairfax for help with a strained Achilles and twisted ankle.  I met with a sports chiropractor who was very helpful.  I had a few follow-up appointments with him in his office (optional - there is no pressure or obligation during the free clinic to schedule a follow-on) and it really helped me get back on my feet and running quickly. 

Last summer I went to a special Ladies Night event at PR Fairfax.  I took home samples of clif shot bloks and clif gu, a mirror, and a nail file.  We tried out balega socks and learned about sports bras.  There were lots of cool giveaways, and I won a $25 gift certificate.  The staff at PR Reston had fun teasing my husband later in the week when he redeemed a gift certificate that was labeled "ladies night", by the way.

Tomorrow, I am crazy enough to be attending two PR events!  In the morning, I'm going to PR Fairfax for a Running Wellness Event.  This sounds really cool - 30 minutes at PR focused on running and 30 minutes at Studio Be Pilates to learn about Pilates for runners.  I'm excited to learn more and I'm excited for the potential discounts from PR, the Pilates Studio, and Lucy.  Unsurprisingly, this limited attendance event is already full.  Keep an eye on the calendar for similar events in the future.

The evening event is at PR Reston - a seminar with the amazing Margie Shapiro on training smart & the basics of hydration/nutrition during long runs.  I've been told to make sure I bring a notebook to capture all of the wisdom I will receive!  This event is still open, and will be repeated later in the month at PR Arlington and PR Ashburn if you can't make it tomorrow.

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