Sunday, January 5, 2014

Running Magazines - Some for Free!

There are several running magazines that I enjoy reading.  I get lots of great information and inspiration from them.  The magazines I read regularly are:
All of these magazines have great websites (linked above) where you can find tons of information.  But you might even be able to get the digital magazines for free!  I read the first three magazines on Zinio, an impressive digital newsstand.  I usually access Zinio on my iPad, and sometimes on my computer. 

You can subscribe to magazines annually through Zinio, or buy single issues.  Or, depending on your local library, you may be able to check Zinio magazines out for free.  And once you've checked a magazine out, it remains in your library forever.  It doesn't expire like other library materials do.  My library has Zinio magazines and includes both Runners World and Running Times.  So I check them out when they become available (usually the newsstand release date) and then they show up in my Zinio library.

Competitor magazine doesn't seem to be available on Zinio, so I have it in my iPad newsstand.  Like Zinio, you can subscribe annually or you can buy single issues.  Last year, I bought single issues which were only 99 cents.  But a couple of weeks ago I got a message that all issues of Competitor magazine were now free!  An annual subscription still costs money, but I was able to download the current issue and some back issues that I didn't have at no cost.  I don't know how long this offer will be available, so you might want to check it out soon and download some back issues if this magazine is new to you.

Run Washington is a great source for running news here in Washington DC.  I read most of their content online and subscribe to their emailed newsletter.  There is a hardcopy magazine which I often receive at local races - last year I picked one up at the Marine Corps Marathon and there was also one in my packet for the Fairfax Four Miler. 

Happy reading!

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  1. Good information! Man - I hardly have time to really READ magazines anymore. I do get occasional articles via FB feed of Runners World and Triathlete though! I look at a lot - when I'm trying to find race information!