Saturday, March 29, 2014

Freddy Runs the Mighty Mile

Today was the inaugural race in the =PR= Mighty Mile kids' series.  I picked up Freddy's bib and shirt yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to see that we were the first to register for the race and Freddy had bib #1:

I think the shirt is really cute.  I like that it is off-white instead of white and the caped super hero shield logo is really cool.

The weather was a little drizzly but the kids were full of enthusiasm.  The heats started at 8:00 am for the 12-14 year olds.  Freddy's group, 4-5 year olds, was at 9:00.  Kids aged 6 and above ran a full mile, 4-5 year olds ran 4/10 of a mile, and the tot trot was about 100 yards.  Freddy was a little unsure about running today, so we took some fun pictures before the race to ease his anxiety:

Freddy decided he was ready to run and I watched him take off without me when his race started.  This is the first race that he has run without either Rick or me running with him.  My heart was a little bit in my throat as I watched him turn the corner of the large block and disappear from sight:

The race course is brilliantly designed so that parents can cut through and catch sight of their kids on the other side of the block.  I saw Freddy cruising along and yelled out "Go Freddy!", which was met by a glare and a statement of "Mommy, you were supposed to wait at the finish line."  Oops.  So back to the finish line I went, where I snapped an action shot:

And here he is, coming in to the finish:

This picture was snapped by the wonderful =PR= photographer who I can always count on to capture the perfect shot of whichever one of us is running.  I am truly grateful to this woman who has filled up my facebook page over the last two years with fantastic photos, and I must find out her name!

Afterwards Freddy was really proud and posed to show off his "Mighty Mile" medal: 

Apparently the medals from the two upcoming races in the series will clip onto this one to make a mega medal!  I highly recommend the =PR= races and this kids' series is a great way to get your kids involved with running. 


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