Friday, April 25, 2014

See the Race, Be the Race

My mantra for the Nike Women's Half on Sunday is "See the Race, Be the Race"

My goals for this race are:

  • To enjoy it
  • To notice my surroundings (see the race)
  • To be in the moment (be the race)

See the Race. Be the Race.

We Run DC!

(photo courtesy Run Nike Women Series)


  1. Good luck, but more importantly, have fun!

  2. Awesome mantra! You are READY! The streets of DC will shudder in your presence... :-)

    1. LOL Laura, you crack me up! Now I have an image of the streets shuddering into a giant sinkhole. We are ready to rock it!

  3. I like your blog, especially since it appears that you live in the DC area. I left DC in 2011 but I started running while I was living out there because there were so many great races going on EVERY WEEKEND! I am going to add you to my blog list on

    I try to make it out to DC at least once a year to visit friends, so hopefully our race paths will eventually cross. Good luck today!

    1. Thank you Bree! I will check out your blog, too. I hope our race paths cross someday soon :)