Saturday, October 18, 2014

Superheroes Run Reston!

Today's Potomac River Running Distance Training Program run had a superhero theme! I can't believe we only have one week left in this DTP session. Theme runs like today have made it extra fun for us. I will miss everyone so much over the next month or so while we are on hiatus before winter DTP begins. Below are photos from this morning, most from Laura (thank you)!

Tutu Batman & Tutu Supergirl
aka Coach Meghan & Coach Shannon

Meghan & Laura -
evil vs. good batman?

me, Laura, & Sallie
photobomb courtesy of Meghan

Jamie & me - two Wonder Women

close-up of Jamie's Wonder Woman socks

warming up with leg swings

Brenna - a bride-to-be, perhaps the most
super of all super-heroes!

Ready to Run Reston!

joyful running at its essence

Viji & Catherine running happy

the whole DTP Reston crew!

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