Monday, January 18, 2016

Cherry Blossom Coaches Get Ready!

Potomac River Running's Cherry Blossom Training Program starts this weekend (don't even talk to me about the potential historic snowstorm that is coming...), and I am really excited. I'm the head coach for the Reston program, and I'm working with a team of five coaches who have so much enthusiasm and commitment that it is going to be contagious!

The team met yesterday to get to know each other, learn about how the program works, and brainstorm ways to make it fun while providing all the information our participants need to make their race goals a reality.

The Coaching Team!
Clockwise from lower left: Traci, Stacy, Kristen, Jeff, me, Laura

We are planning:

  • Theme runs for Mardi Gras, Valentine's Day, and St. Patrick's Day;
  • Informational seminars on running form, strength training, fueling & hydration, and training smart;
  • Coffee with Coaches sessions on technology and on everything you need to know for race day;
  • And more!

Last year's Mardi Gras theme run
photo courtesy of Laurentina Photography

Most immediately, we are planning a kickoff event on Thursday evening at the PR Reston store for both registered Cherry Blossom trainees and potential trainees who want to learn a little bit more about the program. I'm looking forward to meeting this year's runners and starting their Cherry Blossom journeys off on solid footing. See you Thursday!

PS - it's not too late to join us! More details and registration information are here


  1. Sounds like a great group! Will be on the lookout for your seminars. I am really exciting to be running CB this year

    1. Deborah, go to this one on "training smart and fueling properly" if you can. 1/31, 5:15pm, arlington PR store:

  2. Wohoo for Cherry Blossom! (helps gets you through the utter miserable weather coming later this week). Wish I could run it this year.

    1. And it is utter miserable weather indeed. We're going to have at least 3 feet of snow where I live by the time this is done. #snowzilla