Saturday, August 13, 2016

Outlook for Fall Races

Four months ago when I wrote "Adrift in a Sea of Races," I never imagined that I would still be drifting in the middle of August. But I am. Here is the likely outlook for the fall.

Fall Registrations

In April, I was having trouble choosing a race because nothing was really calling to me. In May, I registered for the Army Ten-Miler. In June, I registered for the Marine Corps Marathon 10K.

No Fall Ten-Miler

Since then, I've found out what is going on with my toe (hallux rigidus), and I haven't yet landed on a good way to protect it and manage the pain. So my training for ATM has been spotty and I transferred my bib this week before the transfer period closes on the 18th.

Yes Fall 10K(s)

I am still planning on running the MCM 10K at the end of October. It's possible that I might run the South Lakes 10K (end of August) or the Perfect 10 (10K - end of September) if I can sort out my toe challenges. 

Maybe Fall Half Marathon

The unanswered question for me is whether there will be a mid-distance race this fall. I have my eye on the Richmond half marathon. Richmond hasn't previously been an option since it is traditionally the second Saturday of November, and hence, the morning after the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run kickoff party. This year, the kickoff party has been moved to the third Friday in November (the 18th) and there is no conflict!

Time for a Second Opinion

Next week I am seeing a pedorthist and getting a second opinion on my toe strategies. I hope it provides a new path forward...a path that can lead me to running a half marathon in Richmond in November.


  1. This has been a very tough year for you Kim, and I am sincerely sorry.
    Hoping the visit with the podorthist will have some good news for you, and you will be running some fall events!

    1. Thank you for your good wishes and kind thoughts, Carl. It certainly has been a year of growth, hasn't it? I will eventually come out stronger on the other side :)