Sunday, February 11, 2018

My Word for 2018

It's taken me a while to choose a word for 2018, but it has finally come to me.

My word, and my intention, is: Light.

Light represents several different concepts to me:
  • Attitude: a positive, sunny outlook
  • Reaction: pausing to reframe and challenge negative beliefs
  • Lifestyle: less clutter, less stuff, more time to play

I used an "Energize Your Intention" webinar and worksheet from my life coach, Elena Sonnino, to help me crystallize my thoughts. You can find those free resources here.

Where does that intention live in your body?

My heart and mind

Does your intention have a color?


What does your intention sound like? Does it have its own song?

Wind Chimes
"Don't Worry Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin

What does your intention look like?

I originally had yellow balloons in mind, but the image at the top of this post arrived in my inbox on the same day I was searching for an image. I see balloons, sun, and soap bubbles when I look at this picture.

What do you need to release to make room for your intention?

Negative thoughts, worrying, catastrophizing, clutter, judgement, rigidity, expectations, self-consciousness, busyness, hurrying

What do you need to cultivate to embody this intention?

Making time for play, practicing positive reframing, being in the moment, mindfulness, patience, flexibility, compassion (especially towards myself)

Where does this intention or feeling already exist in your life? 

  • Running with friends
  • Doing yoga
  • Playing with Legos
  • Coloring
  • Writing
  • Being fully present with my family
  • Listening to my son sing with reckless abandon

To help remind me of my intention, I'm using the "light" image as my phone's lock screen and spending time each day reflecting on how I've brought light into my day.


  1. I love this - especially how you see it in your lifestyle. I think that we could all benefit from having a bit lighter of lives!

  2. What a great word of the year! I love how you have thought about your to incorporate it into your life.

  3. I love this - and your word and image!

    1. Thank you, Gina! Hope to see you at a race soon :)