Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Top 10 Reasons to Join the Women's Training Program

The 2018 Women's Training Program (WTP) kicks off on Monday, April 30th. This 8-week program is run by women for women, and it can be truly life-changing. I asked past participants and coaches what they liked best about the program. Here are the top 10 reasons to join us (register here - it's a bargain at $45)!

1. Fun, Friendship and Camaraderie

The connections and support in this group are amazing, and extend far beyond 8 weeks.
"Through WTP, I made a new circle of friends who support my healthy exercise habit - along with my coffee habit!" - Laurie
"The friendships and running opportunities continue after the program ends. It's much more than an 8 week program." - Lynn
"The huge bonus is the complete acceptance and friendships I've made. Life changing!" - Kathy
Friends from 2014 WTP

2. Motivation and Accountability

Participating in WTP brings motivation and accountability to your workouts, and helps you achieve your fitness goals.
"It's very inspirational to be in a group of 300 women, all ages, all sizes, from all walks of life, who are all rooting for each other to succeed." - Molly
"Motivation, camaraderie, and the coaches. I always get an extra little push." - Linda
"Caring coaches who instill a sense of accountability for your own fitness and absolutely believe in you." - Amy 
Coaches for 2018 WTP

3. Life Transforming

For some participants, WTP has been life changing.
"I made friends for life through the program right when I needed them, post divorce and 50-pound weight gain. Discovered the love of running and walking with friends, found the motivation to train for a marathon. Completing a marathon was never in my wildest dreams until this program launched me into a new life." - Nora
"I've seen some people have pretty big changes in personal health from the program." Caitlin T 
"The encouragement and accountability were what changed my life." - Susan 
"Got me to love running! Also gave me the confidence and motivation to keep going and go further." - Caitlin M 

4. Accommodates Many Fitness Levels

WTP has groups for walkers, runners, run/walkers, and those needing a gentle "fresh start" to an exercise program. There are a wide range of paces within each group, too.
"You will find someone in EXACTLY your same place, and that is so encouraging" - Susan 

5. Interesting Guest Speakers

Each week before the workout, guest speakers will share information on important topics that are of particular relevance to us. Some of the speakers this session include Shannon Scalan of Potomac River Running (Running and Walking Technique), Dr. Aleck Wong of Potomac Sports Chiropractic (Injury Prevention) and Carla Valentino of Damsels in Defense (Staying Safe on the the Trails). See the full schedule here.
"Fitness education each week." - Amy
"You learn about how to properly fit a bra!" - Susan 
Sports bras shouldn't have birthdays!

6. New Gear

WTP includes a cute tech tee - rumor has it that this year's participant shirts are heathered purple!
"WTP added a fast-drying shirt to my wardrobe for those sweaty days." - Laurie
Tech tee from 2016 WTP

7. Seize the Day Women's 5k

Many program participants run the "Seize the Day Women's 5k" at the end of the program (when you register for WTP you can add race registration for the special price of $25). The race is for women only and has lots of awards, including multi-generational awards. Race "bling" includes a women's tech tee and socks (plus other fun items!) and all finishers receive a special finisher's hat.
"Very supportive for those wanting to run or walk their first 5k" - Mary
"Running my first 5k gave me an excuse to wear a sparkly skirt as an adult!" - Laurie 
Sparkle skirts and more from 2015 WTP

8. Exercising Outside

Enjoy the great outdoors and beauty of Reston during our weekly workouts.
"Lots of sunset views as we run! An appreciation for the trees of Reston, which line the trails we run on and provide fresh air when I need it so much!" - Laurie

9. Stress-Relieving Me Time

You deserve (at least) one evening a week just for you. Take care of yourself, ease the stress, have fun with new friends.
"A chance once a week to focus on me! Time to sweat off the trials of the day." - Molly

10. Celebration Dinner 

There is a great party at the end of the session were we share our successes, find a summer running buddy, and plan our next fitness goals. Enjoy food, recognition and awards! You earned it!
"The bragging session at the party makes me cry (in a happy way)!" - Molly

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  1. I loved the PR training program that I did a few years back for all of these reasons

    1. It's amazing the impact the right training program can have on your life :)

  2. Hi Kim,
    Is there a similar program in the Fall?
    I can't join right now but would love to do something later in the year.

    1. This program only runs in the spring, unfortunately. But many of the women in the program run/walk year-round with Reston Runners - we have Tuesday/Thursday evening runs/walks at 6:30 and Saturday morning at 8. Locations vary but all details are here: https://restonrunners.org

      Also, maybe you could join us for the women's 5k? It's not just for program participants! https://restonrunners.org/index.php/race-events/women-s-distance-festival