Saturday, February 1, 2014

Setting a 5k Time Goal

Next weekend I will be doing the Run Your Heart Out 5k (as long as mother nature doesn't dump a whole lot of snow on us again).  I am setting a time goal, which is new for me.

For the past couple of years my 5k goals have been along the lines of:
  • have fun
  • finish the race
  • walk for less of the race
  • run the whole race
  • have fun
Having achieved all of the above, it's time to think about my pace.  My best 5k race time last year was 36:40, during last year's Run Your Heart Out 5k.  Two things helped make that my best time - (1) the course seems to be a smidge short based on garmin GPS tracking and (2) my brother Josh ran with me and helped keep me on pace and distracted from my discomfort.

If all goes well with Josh's schedule (and mother nature doesn't dump a whole lot of snow on us again), he will be able to pace me again this year.  We have set 35 as my goal, with 34 as the stretch goal.  It will be a whole different experience to run with a particular time in mind.  Hopefully it doesn't interfere with my primary goal - "have fun".

Fortunately I have a secret weapon in my "have fun" arsenal for this race.  My friends Katy McMahon and Gina Welc will be running the race, too.  We all worked together at Hechinger back in the 80s so it will be a fun reunion.  Gina and I have run a couple of races together in the last few months, but this will be our first opportunity to see Katy since we all reconnected on facebook.

Keep your fingers crossed for no snow!

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  1. This is great to have a PR goal! But you will have fun anyway - because of the Hechinger reunion! :) I am looking forward to this race!!