Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Earning Rewards for Working Out

I've been a proud owner of a fitbit for over two years now.  It has helped me increase my activity and lose weight.  I will devote a future blog post to my beloved fitbit.  Today, I'm focusing on how fitbit helped me discover that I can earn rewards for working out.  You can, too!

Fitbit partners with all kinds of health and wellness sites.  Two of them are rewards sites, Earndit and EveryMove. These sites both partner with many different fitness trackers like fitbit and apps like runkeeper.  You get points for your activities and can turn those points into rewards.  Today I earned a really nice shirt from EveryMove and Mondetta Performance Gear.


Over the past couple of years I've earned charity rewards, high-value coupons towards fitness apparel and nutrition items, and discounted health and wellness boxes like bulu box and klutchclub.  I even won an Earndit challenge and got a fancy sports bra from Bodyrock.

I have friends on both sites that help motivate me to exercise more and earn more points.  You also earn badges for various achievements, which is always fun.  And all of this is effortless for me - my fitbit automatically sends both sites information on how many steps I've taken which gets translated into points.  All I need do is sign up for new challenges when they interest me and pick out the rewards I want.  Win-win, right?

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  1. How fun! Great work, Kim! I plan to see you on Sunday - regardless of what Mother Nature has to 'say' about it!! Of course, if it is really bad...who knows! I'm sure we will coordinate!