Friday, May 2, 2014

April RunnerBox + Coupon Code

Every two months I get an exciting package in the mail - my latest RunnerBox!  What is RunnerBox? In their own words:

RunnerBox is a subscription based box full of products and discounts which have been hand-picked to enhance your active lifestyle. Runnerbox has everything from gels, chews, protein shakes/supplements, nutrition bars, energy boosters, healthy snacks, personal care, and other running accessories! Many products will be brand new to the market while others will be tried and true favorites. With so many new products claiming to be the next best thing – leave the trials and testing to us – we’ll search out the finest and send them right to your doorstep!

In my own words - it is a fun running present to myself (ok, I share some of it with Rick). I like getting a collection of running-relating items every couple of months.  Below I will share what came in the April box, and there is a coupon offer at the end of my blog.

April's box included the items pictured above, plus some paper coupons.  Specific items in my box:
  • Mino: a shoe sensor that tracks how close your shoes are to wearing out.
  • Fluid Raspberry Lemonade Single Serve Packet: electrolyte powder that is low sugar and gluten free.
  • Hyland's Calme Forte: a homeopathic sleep aid about which I have heard good things.
  • Smooch Snacks: squeezable fuel containing fruit and chia seeds. Freddy and I shared this - he thought the chia seeds were chewy and a little strange. I thought it was tasty, but probably not something I would choose to use on run.
  • Earth Balance Peanut Butter: my packet is a mix of coconut and peanut spread, sounds intriguing.
  • Sunology Face and Body Sunscreen: there is a packet for the face and a packet for the body. Sunscreen is so critical when you are running outside.
  • Huma Mango Chia Gel: all natural energy gel.
  • ProBar Core Brownie Bar: contains 20 grams of plant protein and includes chia and flax seeds.
  • ProBar Bolt Orange Chews: chewable electrolytes with B-vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Good Bean Fruit & Seed Trail Mix Bar: a bar with chickpeas, cranberries, and pumpkin seeds
  • Eden Wild Berry Pocket Snacks: these are great on the go and one of my favorite afternoon snacks while I'm at work.
  • G2 Single Serve Drink Packet: low-calorie electrolyte option from Gatorade. This has artificial sugar and coloring so not something I would choose to buy.
  • EnergyBits coupon card (15% off) - I heard a lot about these in the days leading up to the Boston Marathon. 
  • Injinji Performance Toe Socks coupon card (40% off) - Rick wears Vibrams and is a big fan of the Injinji toe socks. This coupon will come in handy!
RunnerBox is currently offering a promo code for Mother's Day: use code RUNMOMRUN to save 15% on any product in their store (expires 5/9/14, order by 5/5 for shipping by 5/10). In addition to offering bimonthly subscriptions to RunnerBox, they also offer TriBox and CycleBox subscriptions. They also have a one-time gift box available, a one-time gluten free gift box, and a couple of limited edition items - the Spring Race Survival Kit and the Fitbook box.


  1. Ha too funny I had the same idea to write about the box. I got a few to compare. Great minds think alike I guess! I think the best thing in there is the shoe tracker. I plan to use it with my next pair!

    1. The shoe tracker is cool. I like when there are gadgets in there. Like the footrubz that was in my first box :)