Sunday, May 25, 2014

Yoga for Runners

Our guest speaker for Week 3 of the Women's Training Program was Dr. Joe Esposito from the Life Wellness Centre. Dr. Esposito is a chiropractor and has coached Olympic athletes. He spoke to us about injury prevention and said one of the most beneficial things we can incorporate into our lives is yoga. Yoga helps create length and space for our muscles which tend to be shortened from hunching over our computers and sitting all day long. The top poses he recommends for runners are:

I took Dr. Esposito's presentation as a wake-up call for me to get back to the yoga mat. I used to practice yoga regularly, and then a little less regularly but still occasionally...and then not at all when my running training program started in earnest this past January. Fitting in my runs was challenge enough for my schedule and cross-training, including yoga, fell by the wayside. I think this is to the detriment of both my running and of my ability to maintain inner calm & a sense of well-being. It was time to get back to the mat!

Today, I went to a Yin Yoga class at my gym. Yin Yoga is sometimes referred to as "restorative" yoga. Poses are held for a longer time than in a conventional yoga class. You get a deep stretch in the connective tissues in the body and I find it incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating. After taking my class today I feel great - stretched, relaxed, calm. I am lucky to have many great yin classes and teachers where I live, and I hope to return to a regular practice again. If you would like to try Yin Yoga, my favorite DVD is Presence Through Movement: Yin Yoga by Kim Eng.

If you are interested in yoga and are close to Northern Virginia, I recommend that you check out Love Your Body Yoga Festival in Reston on June 8. The festival kicks off yoga week and many local studios are offering classes for free or at a reduced price. See you on the mat!


  1. So glad you are getting back to yoga! :-)

  2. Kim, this is a fantastic post! I sometimes do a yoga inspired stretch routine that includes some of these and need to make it a priority to do it daily! This will help! I love the links to the poses with the instructions on the poses and what they do. THANKS!! Pigeon pose is MY most favorite pose as well! :)

    1. You are welcome! I'm so glad it is helpful to you :)