Saturday, July 26, 2014

Double Grand Opening Adventure!

Today Freddy and I had a great adventure - we rode the Silver Line Metro into DC and went to the Potomac River Running Store on F Street. Why is that a great adventure? Both the Silver Line and the DC =PR= Store were celebrating their Grand Openings! It was two parties in one trip!

The Silver Line
The Silver Line will ultimately take the Metro out to Dulles Airport (and beyond). The first phase of the Silver Line, that runs to Reston, opened today. I have been hearing about Metro to Dulles for over 30 years. This was a big deal! We took one of the first Silver Line trains into the city to Metro Center, which is 3 blocks from the new DC location for Potomac River Running.

Waiting on the platform with our
commemorative pennant 

Selfies taken while riding the train
though Tysons Corner

The =PR= DC Store
If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you already know that Potomac River Running is my favorite running store. They are a family-owned running specialty store with 9 locations in the DC metro area. I train with them, I shop with them, I run their races. They seriously rock. Yes, I'm biased. I knew I had to get to the DC store for the grand opening party. As expected, it was awesomely fun and filled with freebies.

Spin the Wheel
We were met at the door by Yosselyn, who seems to be at every PR store ever. I often see her at packet pickup for various races. Liking =PR= on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram got you a spin on the prize wheel. Freddy won a light and I won a gift card for $5. Woot!

I planned my visit to be there when Joe, the Superfeet rep, was there. On Thursday I was diagnosed with intermetatarsal neuromas, and 6 people have told me in the last 48 hours that Superfeet were the answer for them. (Fair balance: 2 people have told me Superfeet were not for them). This morning I bought berry Superfeet and I am looking forward to putting them to the test. Joe answered my questions and hooked me up with a sweet Superfeet Headsweats hat. He also let Freddy hold the foot. Thanks, Joe!

Me & Joe & my new hat

Freddy after the "Morton's Neuroma" lecture

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
At 11, 2, and 5 each day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) a "ribbon cutting ceremony" was held and the next 20 people through the door got gift cards ranging from $5 to $25. We were in the store for the 2 pm ceremony on Saturday, and Freddy was amazed by the giant scissors.

Ray Pugsley, one of the =PR= co-owners,
with the ceremonial scissors

Ribbon cutting ceremony!
I am unsuccessfully photobombing
from inside the store
over Ray's left shoulder...

Michaela was there with Asics shirts and socks. I was psyched because somehow I missed her at the Birthday Bash 5k and it was like a second chance. I got a fancy green shirt and nice pair of Asics kayano classic socks. Thanks, Michaela!

Meet the Staff
I met several folks who work in the DC store, including Rene and Karina. Karina is responsible for this month's store calendar, including the lovely sun in the upper right corner that you can just barely see in my photo.


Karina and her artwork

Injury Clinic
Today happened to be the day of the free injury clinic at the DC store. One of the cool things =PR= does is offer free injury clinics at many of their stores. I went to one at Fairfax =PR= last fall when I was having trouble with my Achilles and Farid Mohammadi helped me out a great deal. Today, Matthew Garet from NRH Rehabilitation Network was on hand in DC.

No injuries for me today, Matthew!

Back Home Again
We headed back home on the Silver Line, and the trip home seemed faster than the trip in. I'm sure it especially felt that way to Freddy, who crashed out asleep wrapped up in a =PR= beach towel that Ray gave us on the way out - who knew we'd need it so soon? Thanks, Ray!


  1. Thanks for being an inspiration to my blog!

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    1. happy blogiversary, Bree! Looking forward to continuing to follow you over the next year!