Saturday, September 20, 2014

It's a Pirate Run - Arrr!

Some days there are too many things you want to do and you can't do them all. Today was one of those days. We knew a few months ago we would need a sitter for Freddy because Rick wanted to run the Dulles Day 5k on the Runway and I wanted to run the Susco 8k. A month ago I checked my training schedule and realized I was going to need a lot more than 5 miles and I was better off sticking with my =PR= training group rather than running the Susco 8k. I was disappointed, because it was one of the best races I ran in 2013 and because the Brain Aneurysm Foundation is an important cause to me. The good news, however, is that my training group was having a "Run For the Booty Pirate Day" theme run! I was sad to miss the Susco 8k, but I might have been sadder to miss the pirate run.

We had a fun run and I was especially happy that Christina came out to run with us. I've missed her and we had a lot of catching up to do! She also gave me a lot of advice on kindergarten and acclimating to public school which was really helpful. Thank you, Christina! Please come run the Perfect 10 with me next week...

Below are fun pirate pictures, most of which I stole from Michael because his pictures are better than mine. Thank you, Michael!

Pirate supplies at PRR Reston
Yes, it is still dark outside. It is 6:15 am.
photo from PRR Reston Facebook page

Jamie & me. Not sure who took this picture.
Jamie's cute skirt & hat from Target.
My pants, boots, hat borrowed from Freddy.
We are half-asleep, but we are happy!

Sallie's costume was one of my favorites!
And she is hardcore, doing the whole long run
I admit to ditching my costume for the run.
Some folks kept an accessory or two.
But Sallie did the whole run as a pirate!
That is dedication.

Our whole coaching & training crew.
(many folks are missing because they are at the Dulles Runway Race)
Awesome Coaches Shannon & Meghan in red in the front
photo taken by Coach Jodi, with Michael's phone

inspirational messages written
by our coaches(?) on the trail
photo stolen from Michael's facebook page

This is Michael! Holding the sign we all
signed after our run. It's going up in the store.
Coach Meghan made this sign.
With silver sharpies.

Pretty fun, huh? I was excited to get a bag of Pirate's Booty after my run. Unfortunately I made the rookie mistake of bringing it home with me, and Freddy pirated my booty from me. Oops.

Rick had a great race on the runway, finishing in 23:00! Here he is with his crew:

Arrrrr!!! Hope you had a fun day after International Talk Like a Pirate Day, too.

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