Sunday, September 7, 2014

Partying with Moms Run This Town

This afternoon the Ashburn Chapter of Moms Run This Town (MRTT) hosted an open house that was filled with activities, inspiration, goodies, and the sisterhood of mother runners. I had so much fun in the short hour I was there and I want to give a big shout-out to Erin and Amanda for all of their work in putting together such a fun event.

There were a variety of stations to visit, including:

  • BAMR bands headbands store
  • MRTT store
  • Shirt pressing
  • Nutrition 
  • Penny Auction & Grand Prize Entry
  • Inspiration & Accomplishments
  • Sponsor Meet and Greet
  • Photo Booth
  • Wine & Snacks
  • Goody Bags

There were also three information sessions during the open house:

Unfortunately I only had an hour to play since Freddy's fall track program was kicking off this afternoon. But I made the most of that hour! Here are some highlights:

I met Katie of BAMR bands and finally got to check out the headbands I've heard so much about. I am headband challenged and have trouble finding something that doesn't slide off my head early into a run. I don't know what it is - small head? Fine hair? I've heard good things about BAMR bands and have wanted to try them. Katie had a lot of options to choose from, and I ultimately decided on a gray "Moms Run This Town" model. The band stayed put during Freddy's track practice, and I'm looking forward to testing it out on a run soon.

Katie and some of the BAMR bands

"Moms Run This Town" bands

The main event for me was the shirt pressing station. The resourceful MRTT ladies make a lot of their own gear. At the open house, several of us were making MRTT shirts for the Diva's DC Wine Country Half Marathon & 5K. I was excited to make my shirt, but have to confess to a bit of anxiety over getting it right. The party featured a fantastic shirt pressing machine on loan from Sarah (chapter leader for Vienna MRTT) and Amanda was doing an amazing job manning the press. I knew my shirt was in good hands with Amanda.

Amanda lines up the decal...

Closes the press so it can seal...

and like magic, my fancy diva shirt!

Jackie set up a nutrition station with GU Brew, GU Roctane ultra endurance, Honey Stinger bars and Sports Beans recovery protein crisps, among other items. These were all things I wanted to try but hadn't had the opportunity to do so and I really appreciate Jackie's generosity in sharing her pantry overflow with us. Her adorable daughters were there helping and it sounds like Freddy and I might get to see them next week at the Mighty Mile race.

I felt like it was my birthday! I bought myself a visor and BAMR band.
We were given "goody bags" with a tiny pink tiara, PR gift card,
Welch's fruit snack, and a list of MRTT coupon codes.
GU products, Sport Beans & Honey Stinger bar from Jackie's pantry.

There was an inspiration & accomplishment table, and a table to enter the raffles and grand prize drawing. Grand prizes included free personal training from Debbie and gift certificates for training from Potomac River Running. The raffle prizes were also awesome and are pictured below:

Raffle prizes: nutrition package, pink polka dot tutu (cute!),
BAMR bands, MRTT goodie bag, Sparkle Skirts addict t-shirt

Grand prize gift certificates and a close up of the t-shirt

I loved this - accomplishments and inspiration!

I sadly couldn't stay long enough to catch "winter running with Amanda" and "creating a training plan with Erin" but I did get to glean wisdom from "foam rolling with Debbie". Debbie brought several foam rollers, a stick, a tennis ball and a Moji 360. Many of us had an "a-ha" moment when Debbie demonstrated foam rolling for us and focused on stopping to release trigger points during the rolling. It's easy to get caught up in the rolling movements and forget that we are supposed to stop rolling and let the pressure release the tight spots when when we encounter them. The winners of personal training sessions with Debbie will be so lucky! Watch Debbie's blog this week for a photo from the open house that includes an adorable photobomb by one of Jackie's daughters...

Debbie and the foam rollers (boa & feathers
from the aforementioned photo-bomber)

I was sad to leave but the track was calling. Thank you to everyone who had a role in the run MRTT Ashburn Open House - it was a blast! 

Freddy (in blue) doing a little dance at the track

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  1. It was great seeing you yesterday, and I love your detailed recap! Thanks for the shout out!