Saturday, September 13, 2014

Freddy & Carter Run the Mighty Mile Leesburg

Catherine and I played hooky from our =PR= distance training program so our sons Carter and Freddy could run the Mighty Mile Race in Leesburg today. Freddy had previously run the other two races in the series in Reston and Fairfax, so we knew the boys would have a lot of fun. And it was extra exciting because it was Carter's first race!

The boys hadn't met before so we weren't sure if they were going to hit it off and want to run together. There was no need to worry...they connected as easily as Catherine and I had and were eager to run together. They were amused that they were both wearing red and joked around together at the starting line.

waiting for the race to start..

goofing around...

and they're off!
photo courtesy of Potomac River Running & Dustin Whitlow

While the older kids run a mile, the 4-5 year-olds run half a mile. The Leesburg shopping center was perfect for this race as the kids run in a rectangle inside the perimeter of the buildings.

course map

Catherine and I watched them take off and then crossed the street so we could see them on the way back. We only had to wait a couple of minutes before they came into our sights.

here they come!

We cheered for them and then crossed the street to see them run across the finish line. Carter did a great job and Mama Catherine was so proud of him!

Carter's big finish!
photo courtesy of Potomac River Running & Dustin Whitlow

Freddy's big finish!
(don't you hate when that happens?)
photo courtesy of Potomac River Running & Dustin Whitlow

The boys got medals at the finish line and proudly showed them off to us:

Dustin was kind enough to take a photo of me with Freddy after the race:

Freddy with all of the medals from the Mighty Mile series
photo courtesy of Potomac River Running & Dustin Whitlow

At home we fit the three series medals together into a super-medal:

Super-Medal! What a clever design!

Later in the day I got the best text from Catherine. Carter said, "this is the best day ever. Next time I want to run with my friend Freddy again!"


  1. Glad Freddy had a fun time! And I *love* that Super-Medal! What a cool thing! And so great that he got them all!