Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Year in Review

I am looking back on 2014, as a runner and a blogger. I had successful years as both, although I had no goals. If you didn't set SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-based), can you really say you were a success? I think you can!

Why didn't I set goals? I'm not sure; maybe because so many parts of my life are already rigid and controlled and I want running and blogging to be fun. Instead I just focused on what felt right.

  • For running: I wanted to build to mid-distance racing
  • For blogging: I wanted to connect with people and share my journey


I built to mid-distance racing, and accomplished so much more:

A Pirate Run with =PR= Reston

WTP Takes on the Women's Distance Festival

MRTT Multi-Chapter picture from Mother's Day 4-Miler

I ran the Philly Half with Mary & Jane,
whom I met DURING the Nike Women's Half!

  • And something that wouldn't have occurred to me in a zillion years to make a goal at the beginning of the year - I became a running coach! Helping others achieve their goals (SMART or not) is incredibly rewarding to me.


I started blogging a year ago - December 27, 2013. I had applied to be a Cherry Blossom 10-Mile Run Social Runner in 2013, which was kind of silly since I didn't even have a blog. I decided to create a blog and chronicle my training for Cherry Blossom even though I wasn't selected. Little did I imagine how fun it would be!
  • Today, I am on the cusp of  reaching 20,000 page views since my blog started. Crazy, right?
  • My friends have joked that when they run local races with me they feel like they are running with a celebrity because so many random people say hi to me or ask if I'm Kim.
  • I wasn't selected as a Cherry Blossom Social Runner in 2014, but I was selected to be part of the Cherry Blossom Blog Team. I'd count that as a win!

With Social Runners Megan & Lauren at the
Cherry Blossom Kick-off Party

Next Year

I'm undecided if I will set SMART goals for next year or just wing it again. Winging it worked out pretty well for me this year. I just might do it again.


  1. Wow, you've had a great running year, Kim; and I met you because of our blogs. Congrats on both fronts!

    1. I liked that one of your goals for the year was to meet more running bloggers in person, Debbie!

  2. Great year, Kim! Glad I was able to "meet" you this year; hopefully next year in person :)

    1. Likewise! Goal for 2015: meet Jennifer in person :)

  3. Your cherry blossom (?) run shirt (that you work for Philly half) looks fantastic on you! What a great year you had and an even better 2015 is coming!