Saturday, January 17, 2015

Do You Want to Run a Relay?

In my head the title of today's blog post is sung to the tune of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" (I just want to make that clear because how else would you know?!)

The idea of a relay race intrigues me. It blends the best of both worlds - solitary running with the social support and solidarity of a team. I've read many Ragnar Relay race recaps with great interest (see my favorite recap, by Deborah). But I'm not ready for the multi-day commitment of Ragnar. I'm not sure I want to run multiple legs of a relay with minimal sleep or showers.

Enter the perfect solution - Rock the Creek Relay. Here's a quote from their website that sold me:
What are you committing to? Running a six leg relay, of about 30 miles total (legs range from 4-6.5 miles each) over the course of about 4-5 hours. And eating some good food. And listening to some good music. In a beautiful environment. With some great running friends.
Sounds pretty awesome to me. And in case I needed another sign, Race Director Bob told me the pink flamingo mascot shares the name of my son, Freddy.

There were already two teams of women signed up from the Reston Runners Best Foot Forward group. I set about to put together a third team, and found two more BFFs plus three ladies from the Potomac River Running Training group.

I'm eagerly anticipating rocking the creek in September with my fellow Reston Rockettes:

(photo courtesy of laurentina photography)





Yes, I want to run a relay! Maybe you do, too...?


  1. So glad that you love my Ragnar recap. It is an amazing experience. I didn't know about this race until you posted it. I think we are going to set up a team as well. Should be lots of fun

    1. I do indeed love your Ragnar recap. It hits the highlights in such an elegant, efficient, and informative way! I'm excited that you guys are thinking of setting up a team, too :)

  2. Seems like fun!! I love the flamingo :) Will keep this in mind.. just in case...

    1. I will keep my fingers crossed that "just in case" happens :)

  3. I loved Ragnar and I got ZERO sleep, and I am too old for that, but the endorphins carried me through. I will have to check out this event!

    1. That would be great to see you there Coco! I'm off to read your blog posts on Ragnar now :) Maybe someday...

    2. Here is Coco's Ragnar recap:

      She has some other great Ragnar posts on her blog, just search for "Ragnar"