Saturday, January 3, 2015

Theme for 2015: Simplify

This is a popular time of year for setting goals, making resolutions, and generally thinking about making and/or breaking habits. My mantra for 2015 will simply be: Simplify.


"Simplify" works for a variety situations for me and can be used as a guiding principle for me this year:

  • Declutter. I've got so much stuff in my life, my house, my head. Pare it back, clear it out.
  • Say No. Part of that clutter comes from accepting too much into my life and onto my plate. Just say no.
  • Be Present. I have a tendency to multi-task, zone-out, and miss out. Focus on the moment.

"Simplify" also applies to my race calendar this year. I love looking at my 2014 race calendar on the side of my blog and feel reluctant to retire this year's accomplishments. I ran a lot of races, I set PRs, I conquered new distances...I had a lot of fun! My full 2014 race calendar with recap links is below:

For 2015, however, I need to simplify. As tempting as it is to fill out the calendar, I am staying focused, limiting commitments, and keeping it simple. For now, I am only committed to, and registered for, a single race - the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler. I will certainly run other races this year, but I want to be mindful about what I add to the schedule. Simplify!


  1. Wow, I am so impressed with your 2014 race schedule. It's very easy to get caught up in trying to do too much - I think being mindful of wanting a change is the first step in simplifying!

  2. One of the (many) posts I'm queuing up for publishing is my word for 2015 -- I definitely feel you on this Kim! Too much clutter, in and out of my head. Also, I found too many races meant I was racing to train, not training to race. Simply put: Best of luck, health, and speed for you in 2015!

    1. "Racing to train, not training to race" is such a perfect way to describe it - brilliant! I looking forward to reading those posts you are queuing up. Best of luck, health, and speed to you in 2015, too :)