Sunday, June 15, 2014

Run With Dad 5k Race Recap

Today was one of my favorite annual family race traditions - the Father's Day "Run With Dad" 5k! This is the third year my extended family has run this race. Rick, Freddy, and I are joined by my Dad (Harry), my brother (Josh), and my niece (Meera). 

This year all six of us ran the 5k. In 2012 my Dad & I ran the 1-mile along with Josh & Meera; Rick & Josh ran the 5k. In 2013 my Dad & I moved up to the 5k, and Freddy conquered the 1-mile with Rick. Look how much we've changed:



The swag for this race is always great. The t-shirts have a tie logo and this year the commemorative pin was also a tie. They gave away lunch cooler bags with the race logo. I've been carrying my lunch in last year's dark green bag and it is a nice size with good insulation.

This was Freddy's second 5k race. His first was the Commitment Day 5k. Freddy and Rick teamed up in their Cookie Monster shirts.
Photo Courtesy =PR= Running

photo courtesy Laura Kuah

They came in a little over a minute ahead of the rest of us. It was really nice to run with family.

photo courtesy Laura Kuah

Another thing that has changed about this race in last couple of years is the number of people we know. A couple of the friends we got to see:

Gina from Team Rabbit
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me, Laura, and Jen
=PR= training buddies 

This is always a fun race and a great way to kick off Father's Day!


  1. I'm going to have to make it to this one next year. So many races, so little time! Looks like you had a blast

    1. So true that there are so many races and so little time!

  2. Great report and fun race! Thanks for the shouts out! And the pictures! :) See you soon and safe travels.