Friday, June 13, 2014

Distance Training Kickoff Party

Last night we had our kickoff party for the Potomac River Running Distance Training Program (DTP). I'd been looking forward to it all week - seeing some old running friends, meeting some new ones, and hearing about everyone's goal races for the fall.

Laura greeted us at the door, gave us some very YELLOW training shirts and water bottles, and wrote down our goal races so our training plans could be individualized. We'll get our training plans on Sunday night - the geek in me loves to start putting those workouts on my calendar.

Laura hands out the swag

I caught up with some of my friends and the awesome Coach Shannon while we sampled the tasty Jam Jar wine. I have been missing out - that is some yummylicious wine.

Catherine, Coach Shannon, Amy, me, Karen.
Look at all of the fabulous shoes on the wall behind us...

Jam Jar Wine! No, we didn't keep it on ice.
The bottle is empty & we wanted the PBR in the picture, too

I was especially happy to run into Heather, aka "Ms. Heather" to my son Freddy. Heather was one of Freddy's art teachers for his spring "Art Adventures" class at Potomac Arts Academy (which I highly recommend!). Freddy was very happy to see photographic proof that I saw Ms. Heather:

I also got to meet some former DTP alums and coaches that I hadn't actually met before, but stalked followed on twitter anyway. I'm looking forward to weekend long runs and Tuesday track workouts with my DTP buddies. It's not too late to sign up for DTP - come run with us! 


  1. Ugh track workouts! How are those going? When I did the PR program I did the long runs but didn't make the track runs. Not my fave.

    1. And another way we are alike...I didn't make most of the track runs from the winter DTP program. And when I did, I pretty much just ran instead of doing the speed work because I didn't really get what I was supposed to do. This time around I'm going to ask more questions and do what I'm supposed to be doing!