Sunday, June 22, 2014

Twilight 4-Miler Recap

Although I wouldn't generally advocate for two races in one day, scheduling this year resulted in my first race double-header, with the Fit Foodie 5k in the morning and the Twilight 4-miler in the evening. It wasn't as ambitious as it sounds, since I was only running the 1-mile fun run with Freddy in the evening, while hubby Rick and brother Josh tackled the 4-miler. This is one of our favorite races of the year as there is a huge party accompanying it, with beer and pizza, tons of kid-friendly activities (face painting, moon bounces, and a magic show, to name a few), and lots of friends from the running community.

We arrived early enough for me to join the Moms Run This Town (MRTT) multi-chapter picture. There was a huge contingent that turned out for this race, many wearing purple in memory of Jaime Rowley. Jaime was a local mother runner who was tragically killed when she was hit by a car while out for a morning run. The Twilight 4-miler raised funds for the "Run for Jaime Foundation" which made it particularly special this year.

Multi-chapter MRTT picture

The weather is typically a bit oppressive for this race, but this year mother nature served up a perfect evening with cooler temperatures and a slight breeze. The race course was also changed a bit this year. Rick and Josh reported it was a flat, fast course and they both scored PRs. Congrats, guys!

Rick crossing the finish line in the classic
"push the Garmin button" pose
photo courtesy of Potomac River Running

Josh just after crossing, missing the classic
"push the Garmin button" pose
(better luck hitting the pose next year, Josh!)
photo courtesy of Potomac River Running

Freddy and I enjoyed the 1-mile fun run, walking more than we ran. In previous years the fun run finished as the first 4-milers were finishing and we needed to stay to the curb and out of the way. With the changes in the 4-mile course this year the fun run was over before the first racers came in, and they came in from the opposite direction. It was a good change.

Just out for a little stroll
photo courtesy of Potomac River Running

The party afterwards was a blast, as usual. It was a marked contrast from the morning's lines and chaos from the Fit Foodie 5k afterparty. We enjoyed pizza (all of us), beer (Rick and Josh) and ice cream (Freddy). Rick and Josh hung out in the beer tent after Rick made a short detour back to the car to get his id. The beer tent was guarded by two of my favorite Potomac River Running Distance Training Program coaches - Meghan and Shannon. No one was getting in without proper id!

This was at least 12 hours after the start of the
Saturday morning DTP run! Meghan & Shannon rock!!

Freddy and I headed to the magic show with The Great Zucchini. I was less than enthusiastic since I had just suffered sat through a magic show at Freddy's summer camp kickoff the day before. I've seen that summer camp show three times before and while the kids love it, I find it tedious. Well I was pleasantly surprised - The Great Zucchini was quite entertaining and even I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I'm not saying it was as fun as being in the beer garden, but it wasn't a bad runner-up activity. Because moms don't always get to go to the beer garden, boo-hoo.

The crowd was 4 times as big by the end.
The Great Zucchini was truly great!

It was close to 9:30 by the time we left. Each year Freddy is a little older and we stay a little bit later. As we walked back to the car Freddy said that he always has fun at races and special events. That's the point, buddy. I'm glad you feel that way. Me too.


  1. Well, technically you did do two races in a 24 hour period before. You did the Fairfax 4-Miler in the evening on 12/31 then did the Commitment Day 5K the next morning! I think that counts! :) Nice job, Kim!

    1. Wow, you are right Gina! I forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me :)