Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Mustache Mile PR!

If you read yesterday's post, you know that I signed up to run the Mustache Mile today to help boost my racing confidence. I'm happy to report that my mission was successful - I had fun and earned a new mile PR!

I made a new friend!
(we both got our shirts from DC street vendors)

Going into the race I didn't have plans to PR. Rick asked me what my goal was and I told him somewhere between 10 and 11. I wanted to run faster than I did two years ago, when I ran 11:28. But I didn't intend to push it hard since I have the 10k Across the Bay tomorrow and Philly Half in two weeks. This was just going to be a fun confidence builder.

I had a choice of heats, either the 8-10 mile heat or the 10+ heat. I chose the latter. We took off and I immediately regretted my heat choice. I was bottle-necked by people and children, and the children have a tendency to suddenly stop and walk without warning. It's funny that this bothered me because I am faced with a bottle-neck of people in most races, and I usually expect it and appreciate that it helps keep me from going out too fast. But in a mile race, going out too fast isn't really a want to just get out there and run!

But the crowd thinned and I was able to pick it up to a level that felt hard but sustainable. I started sprinting when I neared the finish line and was thrilled to see a number that started with "9" on the clock as I passed it. I checked my Garmin and was surprised to see that I had just run a mile in 9:11! Next year I am moving up to the 8-10 mile heat for sure. And when I was done Freddy said, "Mommy you ran FAST!" (which was a welcome change from the usual, "Mommy why did it take you so long to finish?")

Flying through the Mustache Mile
photo courtesy of Potomac River Running