Thursday, November 27, 2014

Streaking on Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today kicks off the Runners World Run Streak: run at least one mile a day, every day, from now until Thursday, January 1.

#RWRunStreak - 36 days of awesome! (source)

I am not going to be participating in the Run Streak - my mind and body are clearly telling me they need some recovery after the Philly Half and I am going to honor that. I will be streaking in my own way, however. I am going to do a plank-a-day streak and a gratitude streak. Each day I will do a plank (to build core strength!) and list five things for which I am grateful. I encourage you to participate in your own version of 36 days of awesome!

A lot of my friends kicked off their Run Streak today at the PR Races Turkey Day 5k. The rest of this blog is dedicated to my awesome running family and their accomplishments today!

We're going STREAKING!
From left: Charles, Brena, Teresa, Catherine,
Brant, Shannon, Karen, Mike, Sallie

Shannon & Brena at the start of the race

Freddy amused himself with snow while cheering

Rick turns in a strong performance just
days after the Philly Half!

Laura earns her Turkey Dinner,
making Trainer Rick proud!

Reston Runner Norma Gordon
smiling through the miles!

Tina & Angela always have the best costumes!

Shannon coming in for a high-five from Freddy!

Jen comes in for a Freddy high-five, too!

Karen looks fashionable & fit - love the accessories!
(photo on left courtesy of Potomac River Running)

Yosselyn ran the whole race in a turkey costume!
Now that is dedication.
(photos courtesy of Potomac River Running)

Ryan blew the competition away and came in first with a time of 15:10!
(photos courtesy of Potomac River Running)

You would never know Mike ran 10 miles in the snow yesterday!
(photo courtesy of Potomac River Running)

Leilani finishing strong & placing 2nd in her age group!
(photo courtesy of Potomac River Running)

Sallie looking great out there!
(photo courtesy of Potomac River Running)

Brena, Teresa, and Catherine bringing the smiles & spirit!
(photo courtesy of Potomac River Running)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am grateful for you joining me on my running journey.