Saturday, November 22, 2014

Philly Half Expo

Rick and I arrived in Philadelphia today after connecting with my mom so Freddy could spend the night with her. He's having a great time and might not want to come back home!

Driving into Philly we saw banners and signs for the race everywhere. I am really looking forward to running through the city tomorrow. Our hotel room key commemorated the race, too:

Commemorative hotel room key

We walked a few blocks to the expo and picked up our bibs, bags and shirts. The shirts are very nice - long sleeve, navy blue tech tees. The shirts are differentiated for the marathon and half marathon, with the distance on the front and the course on the back. Our names are printed on our bibs, which is always a nice touch. I have to remember to start registering as "Kim" instead of "Kimberly" because it is easier for a spectator to read quickly and cheer for you!

back of the marathon shirt & front of the half marathon shirt

The expo was pretty crowded so we didn't spend too much time there. We made some targeted stops:

The last stop was the most exciting for me - I listen to their podcasts and read their blog and I'm just a huge fan of all three of them. They were as lovely in person as you would imagine them to be. And I was so starstruck I completely forgot to shop at their booth. Good thing they have an online store!

Adrienne & Dimity on the left, Sarah & Dimity on the right.
Yes, they are really that tall and I am really that short! 
Dari from Sparkly Soul with the Philly headbands

We are now laying out our clothes and making our final plans for tomorrow. The Running Weatherman has predicted great running weather. We can't wait!


  1. Nice swag! I like that the hotel commemorated race weekend! Looking fwd to your recap Ms. PR :)