Friday, November 7, 2014

"Comfort Food" Races

If you read my most recent blog post, you know that I have a race coming up on Sunday that takes me way out of my comfort zone. To boost my mental racing confidence, I signed up for a PR Race Series race on Saturday that is like comfort food for me, the Mustache Mile Race.

What makes this race like comfort food? Let me count the ways:
  1. Packet pickup is at my favorite running store, Potomac River Running in Reston. I know the staff at the store and the PR Race Series staff at packet pickup. I can browse for some running essentials (or non-essentials...) while I'm there. Easy, breezy and fun.
    Meghan and Ryan, ready to help
    with all your running needs

    Mo and Yosselyn,
    manning the Mustache Mile packet pickup

    Who is that mustached photobomber?
    clockwise from left: Meghan, Jeff, Mike, Paul, Josh, Ryan, Freddy

    Don't tell Rick but I think I want this Nike jacket!
    (and I already have the red Nike shirt...)
  2. The swag is fun. PR Race Series races have commemorative pins which I collect on my PR lanyard.
    Mustache Mile shirt

    close-up of lanyard & pins
  3. The race is close to my house. I don't have to leave too early or think about how to get there. 
  4. Parking is easy, plentiful, and free. 
  5. The course is one I know well and have run many times before. 
  6. I always see spectators and runners that I know at the PR races, which makes it even more fun!
  7. There are plenty of post-race food and drinks, even for those of us at the back of the pack. I have never finished a PR race and discovered that they were out of a food or beverage option. 
  8. Race photos are free and often start uploading to the PR flickr page within hours of the race ending.
I know running this fun 1-mile race will put me in a great mood and I'll be ready to tackle the 10K Across the Bay the next day!


  1. Have a great time! Hope to see you Sunday. Love that lanyard :)

    1. I hope to see you Sunday, too. It will be fun!