Saturday, June 4, 2016

Diamonds on the Soles of Her Orthotics

I now have custom orthotics and I have high hopes for them. They were not cheap. For the price, you might expect a little platinum plating or gemstone sparkle, but they are just polypropylene and graphite. But they will be worth their weight in gold if they keep my hallux ridigus from progressing!

SOLO Premier Sport

My orthotics are SOLO Premier Sport orthotics. They are semi-rigid and have dancers pads to reduce the pressure on my big toes and metatarsal pads to relieve the tingling caused by my neuromas.


I've been wearing SuperFeet Green for the last couple of years which have provided good support and helped minimize the neuroma symptoms, but they aren't customized to my feet like the new orthotics are.

SuperFeet Green vs. custom orthotic


These orthotics can go into my running shoes, and into many (all?) of my fancy new Naot shoes. My Naot shoes have removable soles (which have great support on their own) that can be replaced with a custom orthotic if desired.

Naot Paris with the sole removed

Patience is a Virtue

Orthotics have to be broken in over a couple of weeks. I am gradually increasing the time that I wear them, and in another week or so I will try them out on a run. I'll go back to the podiatrist in a month and we'll make adjustments then if needed.

So far, they feel good. Good as gold? We'll have to wait and see.


  1. Our feet are so complex and with the impact of running unfortunately foot issues do occur.

    Hallus ridigus is something I am not familiar with, so I did open your link to a previous post of yours, that was very descriptive and interesting.

    I sincerely hope the orthotics work well, that they will keep your affliction from progressing.