Saturday, March 11, 2017

Quick Catch Up

It's been over two months since I posted anything! Here's a speed round catch up on my running life...


I'm able to run again. I've been running super slowly, just a few miles at a time, but I'm able to do it without pain in my big toe.


The third time was the charm. My orthotics have a morton's extension, metatarsal pad, and posting under the arch. They are quite a construction, but they enable me to run without pain.


I finally stopped being stubborn and went to see Dr. Wong for a chiropractic second opinion on my toe. His approach was refreshingly the opposite of the podiatrist's. He used graston to help restore some mobility to my toe and gave me exercises to do. It's been encouraging and gives me more hope.   


I'm nearing the last miles of my Saucony Guide 8s. The new Guides don't work for me, so I need to find a new shoe stat - deep for my orthotics, wide in the toe box, and in my tiny 5.5 size. I've been dreading the search and stalling, but it's time to get serious.


I've been cautious about signing up for races because I don't yet know how my toe will do with longer mileage. I'm running the Lucky Leprechaun 5k tomorrow with a first-time racer(!), and I'm signed up for the Seize the Day Women's 5k in June. I'd also like to run the Mother's Day 4-Miler.


I don't have my mojo back. I've had trouble re-establishing a regular running routine. I'm reluctant to go to the weeknight runs I used to go to because I'm several minutes per mile slower than the rest of the gang. 

Mentally I'm having trouble running the mile that I am in, rather than wishing I were running the mile I was in 18 months ago. But I'm working on it! Each step is a part of the journey.


  1. Glad to hear the updates, Kim! You seem to have overcome the toughest stretch; good luck with getting back to your long-distance running <3

  2. You are such a fighter Kim. You don't give up. You go back for 2nd opinions. You keep trying with orthotics that work.

    Glad you are back out running. Your discipline to go slow and listen to your body is incredible. I Have a feeling the routine will return as you enter and complete your events.

    Take care Kim :)

    1. Thank you for all of the encouragement and your faith in me :)