Saturday, August 16, 2014

Conquering Neuromas

Three weeks ago I was diagnosed with neuromas in my feet. It manifests as numbness in both feet after I've run a couple of miles. I've been working my way through my doctor's recommendations with mixed results. Today I finally begin to see the light at the end of tunnel. What have I tried?

KT Tape for Neuromas
Yes, there's an app(lication) for that. KT Tape has helped me through a couple of injuries, so I thought I would try it out for my neuromas. It didn't really make a difference - it didn't make it worse, it didn't make it better. But it was fun to try!

Metatarsal Pads & Superfeet
The metatarsal pads were similar to the KT Tape - didn't make it worse, didn't make it better. I may still experiment with them a couple more times to be sure, but they just didn't seem to make a difference.

The Superfeet have been great. I don't know how much of a difference they are making for my neuromas, but I can tell that they are impacting my running form in a positive way and giving me good support overall. I've starting wearing them in my regular shoes, too. My new motto is, "don't leave home without them!"

L to R: Superfeet for dress flats, Berry Superfeet.
Berry Superfeet with Metatarsal Pad

LockLaces & Alternate Lacing
Using LockLaces has been very helpful for creating more space for my toes, and they are quickly adjusted on the run if I find they are too tight.

I tried a couple of different lacing patterns to add some more space to my shoes. It helped a bit, but not enough. It signaled that adding some space was a step in the right direction, though...

extra space from skipping one eyelet helped
a little bit...

extra space from skipping multiple eyelets
helped even more
(Rhett loves those lock laces!)

Wider Shoes
This was the first suggestion my doctor had. And something Coach Shannon has been gently suggesting to me for a while. I don't know why I've been so resistant to buying wider shoes. But I finally did it. I stayed with the Saucony Guides that have been working well for my pronation. I bought a size 6 wide. My regular (non-running) shoes are a size 5. I've had to work my way up to this - first a size 5-1/2 (back in March), then a size 6 (July), and finally the 6 wide. The good news is that I have run twice with my new wider shoes, and so far have had no numbness. Let's hope this is the solution!

Size 6 Wide


  1. I find the superfeet helpful as well. Hope you are doing better.
    Confessions of a Mother Runner

  2. Kim, I'm glad you went to the larger size and width shoes! I wear shoes a whole size bigger and I use a wide width. Definitely helps a lot! I don't have neuromas but have had issues with numb feet before. Positive thoughts for happy feet!

    1. Thanks for those positive happy feet thoughts, Gina!

  3. Thanks for writing this, Kim! I have neuroma problems in my right foot, and custom orthortics helped. I got a new pair last year (so I wouldn't have to move them back and forth from my work sneakers to my running shoes) and the doctor left the metatarsal pads out of them, and the pain/numbness came back. He had them redone with the metatarsal pads and now they're great! I've never tried the lacing trick, and I'm not sure why... That and the wider shoes seem like a very good idea! I'm glad you're finding relief!

    1. Thanks for letting me know about what has worked for you Debbie. I think I still need to experiment more with the metatarsal pads. I'm not convinced I have them in the right place. I had numbness on Sunday during South Lakes 10k, so I still haven't fully solved the problem!