Friday, August 15, 2014

We Have a Winner!

I did not expect it to take two weeks to rename my blog! I had lots of good suggestions and really needed to ponder it for a while. In the end, I had three candidates that I was trying to decide between:

  • Kim Runs! 
  • Kim Runs...Embracing My Pace
  • Kim Runs Miles with Smiles

I finally chose the third one because so many people have commented on how happy I am when I run and how I always seem to be smiling in my race pictures. I enjoy running and I especially enjoy sharing the miles and smiles with others. It may be a little cheesy, but it is the epitome of who I am as a runner.

The contest winner is one of my best running friends, Karen, with whom I have probably shared the most running miles and smiles. Karen's suggestion of "Kim Runs: Miles of Smiles" was the entry that inspired my ultimate selection. Honorable mention to Janine who hit upon a similar theme with "Kim Runs: Smiling at the Finish Line". Karen will get the "Run with Dad" thermal lunch bag and Janine will get a "Run with Dad" commemorative pin. 

Running Happy with Karen

Run with Dad Giveaway Swag

Here's to many more miles and smiles!

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