Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Brooks #ThankYouRunning Moment

On Sunday I went to the Potomac River Running Birthday Bash 5k party to celebrate Potomac River Running's 12th birthday. It is a fun party and many of the vendors have festive booths and giveaways.

Brooks was sponsoring a contest with a head-to-toe Brooks outfit as the prize. Yes, please! I would like to win that! To enter, you had to stand at the Brooks podium, make a video about what running has meant to you, and share it on social media with Brooks & Potomac River Running tags. The most inspiring video of the day would win the outfit.

So I made my video - spontaneously, in a single take, I just spoke from my heart. When I got home and prepared to post my squinting-into-the-sun speech, I hesitated. What would my friends think of the video? Was it too raw, too unscripted, too silly? Whatever it may be, it was genuine, so I shared it.

I don't know who won the contest, or if they have even picked a winner yet. I will probably never know who won. But after reading the inspirational comments from my friends who watched the video, I am deeply moved. I have already won. #ThankYouRunning #ThankYouFriends #Grateful


  1. Just checking in (to comment instead of just read) to say that it was a video that truly spoke from the heart -- well done!

  2. Your video was really great, Kim! I loved it! And yes - you definitely have won!

    1. Thank you Gina! I'm glad we are part of each other's running journeys :)