Sunday, May 8, 2016

Course Guide: Mother's Day 4-Miler

The Mother's Day 4-Miler in Reston is a race that I run for the camaraderie, celebration of moms (with a flower at the finish line!) and the family-friendly party going on during and after the race.

It is not a race that I run for the course, which is basically a triangle of main roads with a short jaunt at the beginning and end as you exit and enter Browns Chapel Park. And the course is hilly, but it does finish on a solid downhill.

VERY ROUGH elevation approximation from my Garmin

Course Map (source)

Mile 1

  • Slight downhill as you exit the park, then a steady uphill on Baron Cameron Ave
  • Ends a bit after the turn onto Reston Pkwy

Mile 2

  • A nice flat stretch on Reston Pkwy
  • The water stop is typically towards the end of the mile
  • Ends just past Great Owl Dr

Mile 3

  • A last bit of flat on Reston Pkwy, then onto Wiehle Ave where you go down a hill and then up a hill
  • Ends a little bit past Center Harbor Road

Mile 4

  • The first half has rolling hills on Wiehle Ave, the second half is a great downhill on Baron Cameron Ave, followed by a slight uphill as you enter the park
  • Ends where you started, by the playground in Browns Chapel Park

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