Friday, May 20, 2016

Shoe Reviews: Mephisto


I'm in search of toe-friendly shoes; it is a delicate balance of looks and function. My criteria:
  • a wide toe box 
  • supportive, especially under my big toe
  • stylish enough for work (or play)
  • small enough for my size 4.5 feet

The Brand: Mephisto

Mephisto is a brand known for its "soft-air" midsole which is designed to minimize the impact on your joints. I tried on Mephisto shoes at Nordstrom a couple of weeks into my search. Nordstrom is known for carrying a wide selection of shoes, and they are usually the only department store that carries my size.


Mephisto has 246 unique style/color combinations of women's shoes listed on The vast majority of them are sandals.
  • Sandals (131)
  • Sneakers & Athletic Shoes (77)
  • Boots (17)
  • Flats (6)
  • Heels (13)
  • Loafers (2) 
  • Oxfords (2)


Sizes range from 5-13 (US sizing) or 35-43 (European sizing); both M/B and W/D widths are available.


Prices on range from $80 to $549


Makeba (the very patient sales associate from Nordstrom) knew that the Mephisto brand was generally too big for my size 4.5 foot. She also knew, however, that the Pastora sandal runs small. She had one in a size 5, which was the perfect size for me.

Pastora - $295

Pastora is a stretchy, strappy sandal. The straps are secure enough that they keep my foot in place, but stretchy enough to be comfortable. The toe area is open and unrestricted, which feels great to my toes. The sole is comfortable and firm, with nice arch support.

The straps wrap around the back of the ankle, which I've since learned is an important feature for my foot. Sandals without a back strap allow for too much movement between the shoe and my foot which can put uncomfortable pressure on my big toe as it tries to grip the shoe and hold it in place. I need a shoe that stays in place by itself.

Mephisto Pastora in black bucksoft


I do like the fit and feel of the Pastora and they would be a nice summer sandal option. However, I don't plan to look to Mephisto for my shoes. They are generally going to be too big for me, and they are very expensive. The Naot and Alegria shoes I have found are less expensive, and (I think) more attractive.  

  • Have you tried Mephisto shoes? What did you think?
  • How much is too much to spend on shoes?
  • What other brands do you recommend?

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