Saturday, May 7, 2016

May 2016 StrideBox

The May 2016 StrideBox arrived in the mail today. I recently restarted my subscription when they had an April Fools' Day promotion - get the April box for $5. Here's the May box:


  • Health Warrior Protein Bar (Honey Almond): This brand is new to me. It has plant-based protein, no artificial sweeteners, and a blend of ancient grains.  
  • Power Bar Simple Fruit Gel (Apple Pear Raspberry): I've been curious about these gels and I'm looking forward to testing this flavor out.
  • Clif Bar Organic Energy Food (Banana Maple Oatmeal): This is basically like a breakfast that you consume 2-3 hours before activity. It would be convenient for a travel race where food preparation/storage options are limited.
  • Tailwind Endurance Fuel (Mandarin Orange): I heard so many people sing the praises of tailwind during MCM training - hydration/fuel/electrolytes all in one package, no need to eat your fuel because it's mixed into your water. I actually have some samples already that I haven't tried yet. I commit to testing it out during summer training.
  • Volo Vitamins Energy (Citrus): Meh, I'm not particularly interested in adding vitamins and caffeine to my water. I probably wouldn't like the taste, either, as it is sweetened with stevia.
  • Mission Enduracool Instant Cooling Bandana: I have the towel version of this already. It works okay, but it isn't miraculous. Using a regular bandanna the same way seems to give similar results. The orange color is nice - I suspect Rick will inherit this one and I'll keep the blue one I already have.
Want to check StrideBox out for yourself? Use code xdqrqm for $5 off your first box (and I'll get a $3 credit on my next box). Check them out here.

  • Do you subscribe to StrideBox?
  • What do you think of the products in the May box?
  • What is the coolest thing you've gotten in a subscription box?


      1. The only subscription we have in our house is salami of the month for my husband. :) It was a holiday gift and it's like a new gift every month!

        1. That just makes me laugh, Anne - there really does seem to be a subscription box for everything!