Saturday, October 31, 2015

Back in the Saddle Again

Today was the last long run for Reston's PR Training summer distance training program. We encouraged costumes since it was Halloween and had a post-run brunch. It was a fun celebration.

Let's get this party started!
photo courtesy of Coach Meghan

It's been almost a week since I ran the Marine Corps Marathon, and this is the first time I've been able to run. I ran a whole mile! Yes, I know how tiny that sounds after running a marathon last weekend.

I've been taking it easy this week while my toe has been healing from the blister that formed under my toenail during the marathon. Friday (yesterday) was the first day I was able to put on real shoes comfortably. So being able to wear shoes again today and actually run in them was a win.

At the end of the mile my toe was still fine, but I was starting to feel my knee so I didn't push it any farther. I've been doing exercises this week to strengthen the weak muscles around my knee so I can get back to 100% again. In the meantime, I will build up mileage very slowly and not overdo it.

"Elsa" checking back in after a whole mile
photo courtesy Lauretina Photography

Congrats to Rock Star Susan (left) on her longest run ever!
15 miles! Go Susan!
photo courtesy Lauretina Photography

Coach Shannon brings the Halloween spirit
photo courtesy Lauretina Photography

Coach Jodi is ready for Thanksgiving already
photo courtesy Lauretina Photography

Treats for the RUNchies
photo courtesy Lauretina Photography

I finally got to try one of the legendary Duck Donuts. Thanks, Jeff!
photo courtesy of Coach Meghan

Next week is the start of fall base camp with PR Training. I hope you can join us!