Saturday, October 10, 2015

MCM Training Week 17

Week 17 of Marine Corps Marathon training brought us into taper. I typically enjoy the taper. With the lower volume of running I feel like I have more time. And more time is one of the most valuable things I can imagine!


Don't. Panic.

I'm experiencing some of the common issues that often pop up during taper. I have a cold I can't shake. I have some pains that my imagination is blowing up into a catastrophic injury. I am trying to stay calm and keep things in perspective.


My left hamstring started to bother me after last week's 22 mile run.

  • Sunday & Monday I took it easy, iced it, did some light stretching, and a lot of foam rolling. 
  • Tuesday during track it was fine - hooray! 
  • Wednesday I rested.
  • Thursday I ran and it was fine, although I felt a couple of odd twinges on my left kneecap. 
  • Friday I did my strength training routine with no pain.
  • Today (Saturday), I felt fine for the first seven miles of my run, but my hamstring increasingly made its presence felt after that. I cut my 14-mile run short & "only" ran 10 miles.

My brain started to go through worst-case scenarios. I felt panicky. My coaches calmed me down. They reminded me my training is done. Even if I didn't run for the next two weeks, I would still be prepared to run the marathon. With proper rest and precautions, this is just a small blip.

I went to see my chiropractor within two hours of finishing my run. Thank you for having Saturday hours Dr. Bruno! I was definitely in need of an adjustment. My left leg was jammed up into my hip, I had an issue with my left quad that was manifesting in my hamstring, and a couple of other random issues I won't even try to describe. It always amazes me how Dr. Bruno can work on a spot on my stomach and suddenly the strength comes back to a muscle in my leg. Chiropractic care is fascinating to me. I left feeling so much better. 

Week 17 Statistics

I ran 3 times for a total of 17.8 miles.
  • Track: Fartlek workout - easy warm-up followed by 6 repeats of 4 minutes on (T pace), 1 minute off (4.3 miles)
  • Easy run: 3.4 miles 
  • Long run: 10.1 miles 
    • My training plan called for 14. This is the first long run I've cut short during my training cycle. A stubborn part of me wanted to do the full 14 and keep my perfect streak going, but the logical part of me knew that wasn't a good choice.
  • Strength training: 1 time (my routine)
    • I skipped a workout early in the week because of my hamstring
  • Yoga: some carefully selected poses at home; I hope to go to a yin class tomorrow 

Onward to Week 18 and more taper. I can't believe the marathon is only TWO WEEKS AWAY!

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  1. It sounds like your chiropractor has the cure for all those taper twinges! You got this now.