Sunday, September 20, 2015

MCM Training Week 14

Week 14 of Marine Corps Marathon training was the week I tested my fitness with the Navy-Air Force Half Marathon. I didn't just pass my test; I blew past it and left my goal behind in my dust. Color me seriously surprised.

Previewing the MCM Course

Today's half marathon course gave me a preview of parts of the MCM course. Some parts were already familiar to me - Hains Point, Independence Ave, the Arlington Memorial Bridge - but some of it was new. 

I went farther on Rock Creek Parkway than I have in the past, which mirrors that section of MCM. At least now I won't be thinking, "where in the @#% is the turnaround" during MCM like I was thinking today. Because now I know it is far, far away. 

Between today's race and last year's Army Ten-Miler, I've run much of the MCM course. That will help me on October 25.

My friend Heidi took this photo after her long run on Saturday.
It gives me chills of excitement - and gratitude - to look at it!
(photo courtesy of Heidi)

Week 14 Statistics

I ran 5 times for a total of 27.2 miles.
  • Track: 2400-2000-1600-1600 at threshold (T) with 3 minutes rest between intervals (5.5 miles)
    • This was another solid speedwork effort of which I was proud
  • Easy runs: 2.4, 3.9, and 2.2 miles
  • Long run: 13.3 miles (Navy-Air Force Half Marathon)
    • My goal was to run at half marathon race pace; I wanted to beat a 12:00 min/mile pace. 
    • I ran an 11:21 pace! I couldn't believe it.
    • The Runners World race time predictor says my marathon time will be 5:10:12 based on my half marathon time. hahahahaha. as if.
  • Strength training: 2 times (my routine)
  • Yoga: no yoga 
    • (if I left right now I could make it to my favorite Sunday class. But I am clad head to toe in compression gear, have bloody & blistered toes, and don't really want to move much. Not. going. to. happen.

Feeling triumphant at mile 12!
(photo courtesy of Viji)

Onward to Week 15!

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  1. I smiled when I saw your finish time come across my TL, because it wasn't just a great finish, it also means you're that much more ready to beat that $&@! bridge!!