Saturday, October 3, 2015

MCM Training Week 16

Week 16 of Marine Corps Marathon training was the last week before taper begins. I completed my longest run to date, 22 miles. And I was crazy enough to do it all on the treadmill. I figure that gives me the mental toughness to get through just about anything!

Treadmill Time?

I've been a little under the weather this week. I'm also dealing with a fair amount of stress, so I suspect my immunity is a little low. The weather was looking grim for the weekend - hurricane Joaquin on the heels of a nor'easter threatened to bring lots of rain and wind. I was concerned that running for 5+ hours in a storm could make me even sicker, so I formulated a back-up plan - my treadmill.

I scoped out Hulu for some distracting entertainment. During my 22 mile run I watched:

  • Modern Family (most recent episode)
  • The Mindy Project (most recent episode)
  • Grinder (pilot - you can't go wrong with Fred Savage & Rob Lowe)
  • You're the Worst (final episode of season 1)
  • Difficult People (pilot - this was unplanned. Hulu started playing it so I watched it. Eh.)
  • Pulling (first 5 episodes)
  • Inside Amy Schumer (first 2? maybe 3? episodes - this was the end of my run & they kind of blurred together) 

I have a program on my treadmill that has my run/walk intervals and paces pre-programmed. It is 40 minutes long and just over 3 miles. After each 40 minute cycle I took a short break for a GU and to text Coach Jodi. She helped keep me accountable and motivated, which I greatly appreciated!

Fuel & hydration, ready to go

And we all know hindsight is 20/20...the big storm never came. It rained some, it was cold, but there was no monsoon. I could have run outside without compromising my health. Oh well. I was able to get into my ice bath that much sooner, and consume large quantities of pot roast & french fries. I have Rick to thank for the ice and the food. And for keeping Freddy occupied while I ran and watched shows "intended for mature audiences only." Thank you Rick!

Week 16 Statistics

I ran 3 times for a total of 29.6 miles. I missed a short, easy run on Thursday when I worked late. I also missed track so I could go to Back to School Night, but made up for it with a tempo run.
  • Tempo Run: 4.6 miles while running Leg 3 of Rock the Creek Relay
  • Easy run: 3 miles 
  • Long run: 22 miles 
  • Strength training: 2 times (my routine)
  • Yoga: no yoga 

Onward to Week 17 and the beginning of the taper. I love the taper!

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