Saturday, October 24, 2015

MCM Training Week 19

I've finished Week 19 of Marine Corps Marathon training and the marathon is tomorrow! I am as ready as I can be and really looking forward to the race.

My knee is still twinge-y and I hope it behaves tomorrow. My chiropractor gave me a cho-pat knee strap to wear if it starts hurting. The strap will help support my kneecap and assist it in tracking properly. I also got some cool camouflage KT tape at the expo that matches my outfit - bonus!

Limited edition KT Tape

Jen went to the expo with me and we had a lot of fun. My only disappointment was that the line in the Brooks store was over an hour long because they were having technology problems. I decided it wasn't worth the wait. Later I found out there was a cash-only line that I could have zipped right through. Hopefully my size will still be left when things are available online.

Expo highlight - a massage at the Aetna booth

Lynn and Marian came by on Saturday to do a shakeout run with me before the race. It helped me feel less anxious to see them and run with them. They are running the 10K tomorrow, along with Jen, and then spectating afterwards. I'm so excited to see them on the course, and grateful to have such supportive friends. I'm also looking forward to seeing my awesome coaches on the course - Adam, Jodi, Meghan, Mike, and Laura. And my awesome friend Susan!

Lynn & Marian with signs for tomorrow. Freddy says he has a "black sign"

My son (Freddy) won't really have a "black sign" - look for him and Rick on the course with a minion balloon. Rick and Freddy have been so supportive of my training. Thank you to both my guys - I love you!

Look for the Minion balloon tomorrow!

Rick's 2013 MCM patch - I will carry it with me tomorrow
Week 19 Statistics

I ran 3 times for a total of 7.3 miles. I kind of cringe at that tiny number, but rest was the priority this week. I didn't want to aggravate my knee more than it already is.
  • Track: Fartlek Cutdown workout - easy warm-up followed by 4:00-3:00-2:00-1:00, with 2 minutes jog recovery between them (2.6 miles)
    • Like last week, I did a lower intensity version of this workout in case my knee acted up. Ideally I would have started at marathon pace and built from there. I ran a bit slower than MP and built to it. (my paces)
    • Track Coach Adam had some inspirational words for me about how hard I had worked this training cycle and how ready I am for MCM. I will carry that with me tomorrow.
  • Easy run: 3.0 miles 
  • Shakeout run: 1.7 miles
  • Strength training: none! I'm sure my knee appreciated the break.
  • Yoga: One yin yoga practice 

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