Friday, August 21, 2015

Picking up My Pace

At the end of June, I worked with Coach Adam to estimate my target paces. I've been using those paces for the past 6 weeks. This week's speedwork called for 3 to 5 mile repeats at threshold pace. Adam said he likes to call them "grinders" because you just grind them out; they help you get used to being a little uncomfortable so you can overcome the discomfort if it occurs (when it occurs?) during your race.

It was hot and humid so I was aiming conservatively for 3 repeats, the minimum workout. My threshold pace was 11:45. I warmed up, and started the repeats:
  • Mile 1: easing into it so I can build to threshold - 11:58
  • Mile 2: time to get serious - 11:41
  • Mile 3: I feel pretty good, maybe I can go a bit faster - 11:18 (!)
  • Mile 4: I think I have another mile in me at that pace - 11:13 (!!)

So I surprised myself - by running 4 repeats instead of 3, and by successfully pushing the pace on the last 2. I consulted with Adam, and we decided it was time to adjust my paces to account for my increasing level of fitness! I feel proud of my progress.

My updated paces!

We also talked about how beneficial it would be for me to put a race on my fall schedule to test my fitness level and build my confidence going into the Marine Corps Marathon. So I am adding the Navy-Air Force Half Marathon on September 20th. I'm really excited about testing myself in this race.

And I marveled at how easy it was mentally for me to sign up for this half marathon. No questions in my mind about whether I could run the distance, if I could beat the course time limit, etc. Last year questions like these would have weighed heavily on my mind. How far I have come!

(To see how my pace improved, go to September)


  1. This is awesome Kim. Sounds like you have a great coach. Always encouraging to see progress. All the best with your Sept. 20 Half Marathon. I like adding events, in that they really do test fitness levels and build confidence.
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Awesome job on pushing your pace with the overall cross training! I hope to see you at the Navy 1/2 and MCM! I'll be doing the Navy 5 miler and MCM 10k.

    1. Thanks Kimberly! That's great that you are doing the Navy 5 miler and MCM 10k. Hopefully we will see each other at one of the expos or races.