Sunday, March 29, 2015

Reston Marathon, Zone 4 Fun!

This morning Freddy & I headed out to support the Runners Marathon of Reston,while Rick ran the half marathon. He was treating it like a training run to support his goal race, the Loudoun Half Marathon. Freddy & I went to help out at Zone 4, by the Hunters Woods Pool. We didn't formally volunteer since we couldn't be there for the whole shift, but figured we could at least provide support and spirit for the volunteers while we were there.

Zone 4 Prep

Ann Deschamps was the Zone 4 lead (with an assist from Molly Barrie), so everything was beautifully organized. Hand warmers, snacks, red tape for the marathon signs/blue tape for the half marathon signs - all details were accounted for! We were right by mile 7, where the half and the full split briefly from each other. We were also by live music and close to Therese's house (more on that later!)

Ann reviews the course map with volunteers

It may be cold, but it's gorgeous compared to last year!
(rain, snow, sleet, and hail were all present last year)

Many of the Zone 4 volunteers, ready for duty!

Freddy staked out his spot by the "half" sign.
The pavilion behind him is where the music was set up.

Waiting for Godot

Okay, we weren't really waiting for Godot. But watching for those first runners made for some anticipatory moments. We finally saw the blue lights of a police motorcycle, which was followed by the lead half marathoner. Volunteers directed the runners - full to the right, half to the left. Freddy and I watched for Rick.

Team Semper Fi! The lead half marathoner.

Ann signals him to stay to the left

It's Rick!

Mommy missed the high-five moment when Rick passed Freddy

Pancake Time

Freddy was impatiently waiting to go to Ms. Therese's house and have pancakes. (tangential thought - "Pancakes Are Impatient" is a cool song by my friends' band Soundzania). I promised him we could walk up there after daddy ran by. Molly walked there with us and showed us the bear with all of the race medals. Freddy explored the house ("Mommy, can we buy this house from Ms. Therese and move here?"), gave Olive the dog a rice cake treat, and proclaimed Mr. Eamonn the "best pancake-maker ever!" He wanted to stay there for the rest of the day. I was grateful for the warmth and hospitality, and enjoyed the heck out of my pancake with homemade raspberry jam.

Freddy, the bear, and Molly, all cheering for the runners

Mr. Eamonn gives Freddy a rice cake for Olive


The bear even has running shoes!

Live Entertainment

We headed back to our cheering spot and walked up to check out the music. We met Jory and Piano who did a great version of "Superstition". Freddy danced to the music and we also got to see the "Running Juggler" aka "Joggler" while we were there.

Jory and Piano

the Joggler!

Freddy grooving to Superstition

Congratulations, Daddy!

We headed home after getting the text from Rick with his 1:58:56 finish time. This sets him up nicely to beat his 1:56:37 PR in two weeks on the Loudoun Half course, which is far less hilly. Congratulations, Rick! We are proud of you.

Our parting shot before leaving our volunteer spot

Rick's medal


  1. I think Freddy deserves a medal for all his cheering!

    1. He does, doesn't he Coco? I will make him one. Thanks for the suggestion :)

  2. volunteering / spectating races is the BEST! :)