Friday, March 20, 2015

Run Around the World With Me!

Have you heard of Earthathon, the relay around the earth? Until a couple of weeks ago when Laura invited me to join the relay as part of the #RunderfulRunners team, I hadn't heard of it. The idea is so cool:

Run anywhere. One team, one planet.
Join Us Today.
Be A Part of Something Big.
Become an "Earthathoner"

So I signed up and started tweeting all of my runs towards the #RunderfulRunners relay around the world. And it has been So. Much. Fun. The #RunderfulRunners and other #Earthathon teams are so supportive and engaging! Playful tweets, tweets of encouragement, tweets filled with fun emoticons and so much more. I really feel like I'm on a virtual relay team with an important mission. And everyone wins - when one team finishes the relay, they will join other teams to help them finish the relay. Read more about the founder of Earthathon and how he does it here.

Will you join me on the #RunderfulRunners team? Become a member of the Earthathon team, the relay where everybody wins! 

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