Sunday, March 22, 2015

Run For Haiti 5k Recap

This morning Freddy and I ran the "Run For Haiti" 5k. This race is an important cause for our family to support each year. It was originated in 2010 by Moise Joseph and Potomac River Running to help Haiti after the devastating earthquake. Moise was a 12-time All-American while at the University of Florida, competed for Haiti in the Athens 2004 & London 2012 Olympic Games, and has been a member of four World Championship teams. He is also an integral part of the Potomac River Running Team (and a really nice, cool, all-around awesome person!)

Helping Haiti

Here is an inspirational video of Mo bringing shoes to kids in Haiti and sharing his love of running with them:

This video brings happy tears to my eyes. It is also great to see where the shoes from the "Run for Jaime" memorial went. Mo is working to bring a computer lab to these kids, who have never seen a computer or the internet. You can support his work and Haiti through Project Haiti, which focuses on multiple projects to help Haitian communities, and through Ghates, Global Haitian Advancement Through Education and Sports, which provides an opportunity for kids in Haiti to excel in a variety of sports.

You can also support FOUR Corners Running, who is teaming up with Mo for the "service trip of a lifetime" to help the Run For Haiti Project in January 2016 with the Let's Go Haiti Marathon (you can even sponsor an athlete). What an amazing way to make a difference!

Freddy meeting Mo and getting race congratulations

Mo, me, & Freddy 


We had a great group come out to run the race. We got there early enough to buy raffle tickets for the awesome artwork that was being raffled off and enjoy the music of Paul Beaubrun & Zing Experience.

Our whole crew! Freddy surrounded by lovely ladies!

The artwork was incredible. The top race finishers received artwork,
as did raffle winners.
(photo courtesy Potomac River Running)

Paul Beaubrun & Zing Experience provided on-track tunes
(photo courtesy Potomac River Running)

The Race

Freddy and I started with the group, but lost them fairly early. Freddy would run for a bit, and then slow to walk and drink water. He thought the course had gotten much longer since he ran the "Run With Dad" 5k last June with Rick. 

Waiting in the corral before the race
(photo courtesy Laurentina Photography)

Our first walk break was before we even got off the track!
(photo courtesy Potomac River Running)

We talked to some friendly people on the course who helped keep him motivated (shout-outs to Laura & Jan - thank you!), and the course marshals were fantastic. Most of them were high school students from South Lakes and they cheered for Freddy like crazy. His favorite part was the water stop, which we passed twice. Imagine having a group of 20 kids all rooting you on and wanting to be the one to give you water! They were waiting for him when we came back the 2nd time and Freddy said it was the best part of the whole race! I wish I had taken a picture, but I was too much in the moment as a proud mom to even think of my phone.

the only photo we took on the course

The Finish Line

Rick met us close to the end of the race which gave Freddy some extra motivation. When we made it back onto the track, we could hear all of the ladies chanting Freddy's name close to the finish line. He was so excited! Laura even got a video of them cheering him to his big finish.

Andrea got this photo of us closing in on the finish line...

...and here it is from the race photographer's vantage point
(photo courtesy Potomac River Running)

...and one more from Tina's perspective, because you can
never have too many angles on a great race finish!
I especially love how our strides are in sync.

Post-Race Celebration

Freddy was so pleased to be done and immediately headed for the food. He selected a cookie ("it's healthy because it has raisins") and soon after a chocolate muffin. He was eager to refuel before the raffle (he was sure we were going to win a painting).

Best. Cookie. Ever.
(photo courtesy Laurentina Photography)

Sharing a sweet moment with Dad
(photo courtesy Laurentina Photography)

Coach Katie was Freddy's PR Track coach last year
He was excited to see her on the course with Coach Monica!

The age group awards and the raffle were very exciting. My friends Rob, Norma, Rebecca, and Molly all won age group awards! And Lynn and Andrea won paintings! I found out after the raffle that we almost won a painting, as they drew our number when the original number wasn't claimed, but the original winner appeared just in time. Ah well, easy come, easy go.

Lynn with her exquisite painting

Andrea and Molly showcase Andrea's whimsical win

I am so proud of Freddy and his efforts today! And I encourage folks to support Mo and his efforts to help the kids and people of Haiti. It takes so little to make a difference.


  1. Congrats Freddy! You & hubs are great motivators, too! And I had no idea the "Run for Jaime" shoes went to Haiti. I still have ALL my old Red Shoes of Doom because I can't remember to take them for drop off. Hmm, I wonder if some folks elsewhere would like to experience their (obvious!) magic . . . .

    1. Thanks! You simply must share the magic of all of the old Red Shoes of Doom. You can drop them off at PR. (I have shoes in my closet that I can't seem to remember to take for drop off, either, if that make you feel any better)

  2. Congrats Freddy! What a lovely post and seems like you all had a fun day :)

    1. Thank you Jennifer! It was a really awesome day. "My heart is full" kind of day :)