Monday, March 2, 2015

What =PR= Runners LOVE about New Balance

The =PR= Reston Cherry Blossom training group has been working hard this past month to make excellent happen on April 12, 2015 when they run the Cherry Blossom 10-Mile Run.

To bring some extra fun and motivation into their training, our awesome New Balance representative, Samia, offered to sponsor a contest for them. Runners submitted a picture with their favorite New Balance gear and told us what they like about it. The winner (selected by random draw) will receive a New Balance jacket especially chosen for them by Samia! Read on for our fun entries and the announcement of the winner...

Kris loves her NB shoes and says "My heart belongs to New Balance"

Lindsay notes when training for a St Patrick's Day race,
the most important thing to work on is your wardrobe.
She is thankful to have found this cute and comfy GREEN
 tech shirt from New Balance just in time!!

Lisa (gray top) wore her New Balance 870v3 shoes
for the =PR= "For the Love of It" 10k race.
She loves how they support her feet,
feel firm but not too stiff, and how the 
laces stay secure so she doesn't have to
worry abut them coming undone.

Lynn is decked out head-to-toe in New Balance
for a kids' fun run at Disney. The outfit was so
comfortable & warm she wore it at the park all day!

Liz's New Balance red football tube socks
helped keep her warm during the Cupid's
Undie Run when it was 18 degrees out

Even Karen's cat, Callie, appreciates the cozy comfort of
her New Balance jacket

Susan K wearing her =PR= training New Balance
premium shirt which kept her warm while
running snowy intervals along with her bright
New Balance shoes that make her think of 
summer and feel like she is running on clouds

Teresa in her New Balance 860s shoes and half-zip.
She says they make her look like she runs fast
and the reflective gear works really well -
she glows in the dark without the negative 
side effects of radiation!

Susan P in her New Balance Impact half-zip.
She loves the pocket in the back for her phone
and the thumb-holes in the sleeves

Jen says she has been eyeing this New Balance
pullover at =PR= and soon it will be hers!

And the winner is...Teresa! Congratulations, Teresa! Thanks to everyone who participated. Now let's put the nasty weather of February behind us and aim full-speed ahead to making excellent happen in Spring with Cherry Blossoms!

We're done with you winter...

...Cherry Blossoms await!

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